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【BLACK FRIDAY SALE】Gift Wrapping Clamps - 2 Piece Set

【BLACK FRIDAY SALE】Gift Wrapping Clamps - 2 Piece Set

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Wrapping Presents Has Never Been Easier!

Gift Wrapping Clamps are here to make wrapping presents your favorite part of the holidays. Just grab a table and some scissors, and you're ready to wrap to your heart's content. 

Here's Why People Love These:

1) Each set comes with two clamps that easily attach to any table. Clamp one onto each end of your table and place your desired wrapping paper roll in the middle. The clamps will keep it locked in place, allowing for you to easily roll out your desired amount.

2) The built-in tape roll allows you to put a roll of scotch tape in each clamp, so regardless of which side of the table you happen to be on, you'll have a piece of tape ready at your fingertips.

3) Each clamp has a non-slip rubber grip coating on the connective pieces, meaning that once you clamp it on, it won't move an inch no matter how much wrapping paper you pull out of it. 

Wrapping presents can be fun, but it can also be difficult, repetitive, and stressful. Don't let gift-wrapping damper your holiday cheer this year. Get it done quickly, efficiently, and mess-free with our Easy Roll Gift Wrapping Tape Clamps. Each set comes with 2 clamps!


Material: ABS Plastic / Silicone Rubber
Weight: 40g each
Tape Included: No


2 x Clamps

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