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Glass Glue Angle Scraper

Glass Glue Angle Scraper

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The Best Time-Saving Multi-Tool Around

Remove old glue residue easier than ever before on one side, flatten your new glue bead in perfect symmetry on the other side! DIY enthusiasts everywhere rejoice because your job just got a whole lot easier with our Glass Glue Angle Scraper.

  • Sharp end, ergonomic vertical angle
  • Simple push and pull action removes the most stubborn glue
  • Replaceable rubber heads
  • Surface cleaner to remove bumps and discrepancies

Having a clean surface is essential for laying the perfect bead. With our angle scraper, you can make any surface as clean as if it was brand new with little to no effort! The multi-direction cleaning edge allows you to clean any and all edges flawlessly. Don't work hard, work smart!


Product Size: 19CM

Material: Stainless Steel

Usage: Home DIY

Material: Plastic/metal

Size: Appx: 18.5cm*4cm/7.48*1.10in

Uses: Angle scraper, glass-glue blade, adhesive residue scraper, seam repair tool

Package Includes:

1 x Glass Glue Angle Scraper


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