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Indestructible Military Gloves

Indestructible Military Gloves

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Completely Indestructible, Totally Uncompromisable

Designed to keep your hands 100% safe during the toughest, dirtiest, roughest jobs imaginable, our Indestructible Military Gloves speak for themselves. Break glass, punch a tree down, stick your hand in a fire, the gloves can withstand it all.

Not your average Joe's kind of glove. These gloves are:

✅ Fire-Resistant

✅ Water-Resistant

✅ Cut-Resistant

Say goodbye to cuts and scars and burns on your hands. You can dig through dirt, split wood in half, and crush glass with your hands. Your hands have never been this well-protected.

Designed with military-grade Kevlar and leather with ergonomic cushions on the knuckles for shock-absorption, these gloves are as tough as it gets.

Protect your hands while hiking, chopping wood, climbing, hunting, digging, working in the cold, or anything else you can think of. The fingertips are touchscreen compatible so you never have to take your gloves off.


Wear-Resistant: Designed with a high-quality microfibre and sewn in with leather and Kevlar, these gloves have insane durability, shock absorption, and resist tearing and tension.

Anti-Slip Capability: A reinforced PU layer embroidered onto the palm maximizes grip to avoid slippage while hunting, shooting, and tactical training. 

Resistant To The Elements: Not only are these gloves incredibly lightweight, but they also are resistant to fire, water, ice, and dirt. Be the master of all the elements while wearing these gloves.

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