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LAVA Humidifier

LAVA Humidifier

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  • The aromatherapy diffuser is equipped with 50ml hotel-inspired Type Essential Oil.
  • Turn on the aromatherapy essential oil diffusers and add a few drops of essential oil, so that you can experience the feeling of a luxury hotel at home.
  • With the water tank, the cool mist humidifier can provide you with comfortable misting air in atomization modes, flame and volcano.
  • The flame mode burns in the air like fog, and the volcano mode emits fog like a volcanic eruption,you enjoying pleasant scent in your large room and office.
  • You can press the button "ON" to switch atomization modes between flame and volcano.
  • Also, 2 time modes, 2h and 8h, can be set to meet your needs of working, snapping and sleeping in large room.
  • The scent diffuser sprays delicate fog silently and is shut off when water runs out.
  • Therefore, you can concentrate working or enjoy leisure time with fragrant mist.

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