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Automatic Domino Train

Automatic Domino Train

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Engineer Your Imagination

- Encourages creativity and patter-development in children
- Builds strong color-recognition skills
- Was one of the best selling
- The perfect gift for young children and developing minds

Develop Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills:

Perfect for a toddler's color recognition, hand-eye coordination ability, and developing fine motor skills. Kids can use the blocks to make different arrangements for endless color combinations. They will love the bright colors of the train and dominos and be drawn to the fun sounds the train makes. 

If you have young kids in the house then the perfect gift idea this year is the best-selling Automatic Domino Train. An absolute favorite from 2020, this train putts along in a predetermined pattern, perfectly placing colorful dominoes along as it goes.

When it's done, your kid can knock over the dominoes, play with them, build something out of them, whatever they want. It's a great toy for developing skills and tons of fun!



Potential choking hazard, please do not let your child eat the dominoes.


Material: ABS
Power Supply: 
Requires 2 "AA" batteries (not included)
Size: as the picture shows


1 x Domino train
1 x Domino loading box
60 or 80 x Colored dominoes

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