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Self-Adhesive Repair Tape

Self-Adhesive Repair Tape

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Repair Damages In Seconds

Our multi-functional Self-Adhesive Repair Tape is the best tool to have around if you need to make heavy-duty repairs on the go. This super sticky adhesive tape is so strong that I can permanently fix holes, leaks, cracks, and gashes with one single piece!


  • Forms a permanent, airtight, waterproof seal
  • Bonds immediately to virtually any surface
  • Performs in all weather conditions, perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Withstands temperature from -30°C to 260°C.
  • Insanely high tensile strength
  • Resistant to chemicals, intense heat, weather

Our self-adhesive repair tape is super easy to use. Make sure that the surface you are applying it to is as clean and dry as possible for the best results. Then remove the film and seal the tape wherever you would like. It's that easy.

This tape has so many different uses. It's perfect for fixing wall leaks, roof leaks, pipe leaks, conduits, joints, concrete leaks, you name it. You've never seen tape this sticky before. It even works underwater.


Width: 25 mm
Length: 1.5 m/3 m
Color: Black
Waterproof: Yes
Temperature Resistance: -30°C to 260°C


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