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VIP Snuggie Blanket Hoodie

VIP Snuggie Blanket Hoodie

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  • It's the perfect cozy blanket hoodie for chilly days. The Snuggie Blanket Hoodie is designed with a multi-layer approach, so it's incredibly soft and cozy.
  • It features the same comfortable, snuggly design as the originals, but with a hoodie attached.
  • The one size fits all design means that no matter how big or small you are, this will be super easy to wear. And it's warm enough for even the chilliest days!
  • When you need to feel cozy, look no further than the Snuggie Hoodie Blanket.
  • With an adorable teddy bear face feel on the hood, this blanket will make you feel like a kid again—and that's something we can all get behind!

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