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Washer Fresh® Washing Machine Effervescent Cleaning Tablets 【50% OFF】

Washer Fresh® Washing Machine Effervescent Cleaning Tablets 【50% OFF】

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"These Tablets Cured My Washer From Stinking"

Cleaning your washing machine every month sounds like a lot of work — but these tablets make it SO easy. All you have to do is run your machine on its "clean washer" or "normal wash" cycle with a tablet inside the tub once a month.

The tablets are designed to remove the odor-causing residues and grime daily loads leave behind. They work on all types of washing machines, even high-efficiency models, and are septic safe, too.

Even though your washing machine looks clean, doesn't mean it is. A dirty washing machine leads to:

• Smelly odors
• Bacteria & Mold Growth
• Mite Infestations on bed sheets & towels
• Itchy skin

Cleaning your washing machine is easy and takes you less than 5 seconds. Just drop a tablet in, run a cycle, & that's it! No additional cleaning is required from you!

Washer Fresh® Tablets shred through grim, bacteria, and mold. Its complex formula releases cleaning bubbles that stick and dig at grime, effectively releasing it from plastic and metal surfaces. It uses FDA-approved and safe ingredients so you can ensure your laundry is safe and clean. 

We believe in Washer Fresh® Tablets so much that we're offering a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you don't like the results, you get your money back. It's as simple as that. 

Product Info:

4 Month Pack: 4pcs
8 Month Pack: 8pcs
1 Year Pack: 12pcs

They come individually wrapped in case of moisture.
If you have never cleaned your washing machine we recommend using 2-3 tablets for 1 cleaning cycle. 

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